Photo walk


In my last post I mentioned that I bought a second hand camera to take photos of my work. It’s a Panasonic Lumix G1, so a pretty old model, but it’s nice and small and doesn’t have too many confusing features for a beginner like me.

I wanted to get to know the camera a little better so I decided to go on a little photo walk through town, whilst the weather was so great. I’m still learning more, and might even think about going on a photography workshop. But I think walking around and taking shots of the town helped me to try out the various settings and find ones that I liked.


I had some company with me on my walk – anyone who was in town that day might have seen a seemingly abandoned blue buggy in greens, graveyards and squares, only to find me crouching somewhere nearby trying to get a photo of something!





Raring to go

_1130893-380-x-506  _1130953-380-x-507




_1140060-380-x-285  _1140072-380-x-285

_1140116-edit-380-x-507  _1140153-380-x-507

        _1140126 _1140142

_1140146-380-x-285  p1140136-380-x-285

_1140080-380-x-285  _1140167-380-x-285



Tired troopers at the end of a long walk

Poddit Hole illustrations!

So I come to you this evening with something quite different. Arghhh no, not a weekly. I’ve decided to stop promising to post it to save myself the embarassment…I have started it but got tied up working in the cafe and searching for a new house. So yes, it’ll be there when it’s there, even if its title and purpose have now become redundant. Ahhem.

BUT, this other work is pretty awesome! Down in the beautiful county of Suffolk (not biased), near the Anglo Saxon village of West Stow, the Lengyel family have set up shop in the woods renting out four lovely glamping pods. And now they’ve recently received planning permission to go even further….and build a hobbit hole! Yes, a fully earth covered, subterranean dwelling. They plan to remain close to Tolkien’s vision of what a hobbit hole would have looked like, and as you can imagine, that’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and funding.

They’ve therefore decided to set up a kickstarter campaign where they’ll be funding some of the money that will help to make this a reality. Check it out here, and donate it you can!

To help with the campaign, I’ve done some illustrations of what the hobbit hole may look like – have a look!

Exterior low res

Tunnel low res

Bedroom low res

Living room low res

If you’re a bit of a Tolkien nutter, and you’d like to see one of these in the flesh, help them along and maybe even bag yourself a few nights stay in one!