Gorgeous Georgia

Sorry it’s been a while folks! I’ve been busy working in another job, but am glad to say that I’m back at my desk, and have taken up the pencil again (more on that soon).

I’ve got someone to introduce to you – Gorgeous Georgia! This is a character that I worked on over time whilst I was at Fountains Abbey, and these particular incarnations ended up in a children’s trail called ‘Talking without speaking’. The trail explored sign language in the 18th century and in the medieval times (Holy Henry was her medieval counterpart, and usual companion throughout the estate).

Gorgeous Georgia figures

In the 18th century, fans were used to speak for the ladies in polite company. In the clues above, Gorgeous Georgia is using her fan to say “Yes”, “No”, “We are friends”, “Go away”, and “I am sorry”.

Kudos if you can match up the phrases with the clues!