A dead blog is worse than no blog at all…

I remember going to a conference once where there was a workshop on using social media at work, and when the topic of blogging came up, the point was made that it is very hard to keep a consistent blog going – a bit like a diary. As you can see I am a perfect example of this! Someone said that having a blog which has sort of died, not been updated for years, was worse than not having one at all, and so should probably be gotten rid of. Maybe this advice was more pertinent for large organisations. And there is a sort of sunken feeling you get when you find a nice new blog to get stuck into, only to look at the date of the last post and realise its author probably barely even remembers that it’s there, just when you’re hoping for more.

There have been so many times that I have thought about my blog in the last few years and cringed, thought that I don’t even want to click on the link, a bit like reading an old diary, for fear of the sheer embarrassment. And that I really should get rid of it. The last few years have been quite full on to say the least, having welcomed our sweet twin boys into the world, and this blog and my illustration have fallen by the wayside. But the other day I got talking to another mother who runs her own blog, which got me nostalgic to look at my own blog, and I was pleasantly surprised by how I felt looking over all my old posts and work! It really made me want to start something up again, no matter how small, or how frequent. I’m now expecting Hornby baby #3, and in this pregnancy, as in the last, I have felt this urge to create, which I’m convinced has some connection to the ‘nesting’ syndrome that so many mothers-to-be experience. I remember when expecting the boys I got it right in the lead up to their birth, and it caused me to create my ‘Series of 5’ collection. Now I feel this surge again, and I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but I’ll start small, and I’ll start here.

In addition to the twins and expecting another, we’ve also had a huge life change, in that we are now living in Bavaria, just outside Munich! My husband started a post-doctoral research position at a university in Munich for two years, and so since July we’ve been here, getting used to our new life, to the new culture and the new language. It’s been tough and continues to be, but we are also enjoying the adventure and have been so lucky to have this experience so far.

So to start me off on something creative again, I’ll start by posting a few photos I’ve taken since we’ve been here. Enjoy, and it feels nice to be back at the keyboard again!

_1160339                                                       _1160346  _1160348