Watercolour work


So a while back someone approached me about doing a commission as a gift for their friend. The client had really liked my previous watercolour pieces that I’d done of Fountains Abbey, and so we agreed that I’d do a portrait in this style. I haven’t worked with watercolours for ages, so it was kind of fun to get back into it! I actually really liked testing out the colours, and creating a page of watercolour marks, which look kind of cool in their own right. Maybe in the spirit of re-using I’ll have to incorporate them somehow into my pencil shavings work…


HS close up 2

HS close up 3        102_1141 Close



Commission work

A few weeks ago I had a fun commission doing a piece for someone’s house in Liverpool. It was made pretty interesting by the fact that he plays in a jazz band, so working from some of his gig photos was really cool to do!

Commission resized

For this piece I worked from a series of photos to create 5 layers which eventually formed the entire piece. In the background you can see the John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens designed stained glass windows of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, which the client really likes for its vivacious colours. Then I worked over the top to add his band’s album cover, followed by the three band members themselves. 11251706_10155522914800640_1394348095_n 11257616_10155522914660640_2089621457_n I really enjoyed working in this layered approach, and think I might try some more in the near future!