2nd illustration for Creative Safari competition


I’ve just finished my second illustration for Creative Safari’s competition, an open brief to artists and illustrators who want to get their work noticed and sold by their company, Ohh Deer.

I’ve always been interested in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, and especially in the art of the latter period. As I said in my last post, they seem to be heavily affecting my interior design choices at the moment! This piece is a little homage those times.

It would be a great help if you could visit this link to see my entry, and to like/share it via facebook and twitter. (That is, if you like it!). You can also take a look at my first entry too, and do the same. Thank you so much!


Illustration for Creative Safari competition


The brilliant blog, Creative Safari, have got another competition on! Artists and illustrators can submit their work in the hope of having it sold in their online shop Ohh Deer, as well as the possibility of it being stocked in tonnes of high street shops.

Take a look at the piece I’ve just submitted! It’s called ‘Our House’; we’ve recently moved and it’s given me the chance to appreciate the things that we own, now that we can see them in a new light/space. Some are old, some new (I’m particularly loving our new sofa). The whole living room has got a rich and cosy feel now, which is a reflection of my interest in the medieval and renaissance periods…which is in fact the theme of the piece I’m working on right now, to be submitted to the competition tomorrow!

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Our House 750x529

Profile photo

So I thought I wouldn’t beat around the bush when thinking about illustrating a new profile photo, which will only be all over my wordpress, other people’s blogs, other important art platforms…maybe even my CV, whaddya think? Nothing like letting your potential employers know your true passion right away!


Re-using pencil shavings

Morning people, and hello, I’m still alive! I’ve recently moved house, so things have been a bit hectic to say the least. But I’m happy to report that I have actually managed to find a chair to sit on, and dumped enough boxes from my drawing desk onto the floor in order to put pencil to paper. You can see what I’m up to today when I post about it tomorrow!

SO, I did this piece a while back. I’d been saving all the pencil shavings from my illustrating in a little tub, hoping to use them to create something cool. I thought that it’d be such a waste to throw them away…then after I did this piece I got a little obsessive about what I was throwing way, i.e “Achh…NO dear…no, don’t throw that mouldy food wrapper away, that’s GOLD dust! Wait, what happened that bit of clingfilm the minced meat was wrapped in??!”

ANYWAY, after this little tester I have more ideas. Watch this space!




Poddit Hole illustrations!

So I come to you this evening with something quite different. Arghhh no, not a weekly. I’ve decided to stop promising to post it to save myself the embarassment…I have started it but got tied up working in the cafe and searching for a new house. So yes, it’ll be there when it’s there, even if its title and purpose have now become redundant. Ahhem.

BUT, this other work is pretty awesome! Down in the beautiful county of Suffolk (not biased), near the Anglo Saxon village of West Stow, the Lengyel family have set up shop in the woods renting out four lovely glamping pods. And now they’ve recently received planning permission to go even further….and build a hobbit hole! Yes, a fully earth covered, subterranean dwelling. They plan to remain close to Tolkien’s vision of what a hobbit hole would have looked like, and as you can imagine, that’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and funding.

They’ve therefore decided to set up a kickstarter campaign where they’ll be funding some of the money that will help to make this a reality. Check it out here, and donate it you can!

To help with the campaign, I’ve done some illustrations of what the hobbit hole may look like – have a look!

Exterior low res

Tunnel low res

Bedroom low res

Living room low res

If you’re a bit of a Tolkien nutter, and you’d like to see one of these in the flesh, help them along and maybe even bag yourself a few nights stay in one!

AWOL + Fountains Abbey ice houses work

Hallo Hallo guten tag everyone. It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I’ve been away all over the bloomin country haven’t I. Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Wales…it’s been pretty great and I’ve got lots of material for one of my weekly updates. SPEAKING OF WHICH, apologies for all the empty promises of giving you a bumper edition a few weeks ago, it’s been rather mad. But I hereby give you confirmation that I’ll be doing a fresh new packed post TOMORROW, on pain of death.

In other news, I had a lovely email from the folks at Fountains Abbey over in t’Yorkshire with some photos of my work up on their estate. They’ve recently conserved one of their 18th century ice houses and needed a Victorian style architectural cross sectional drawing of the the ice house inside.




They’ve done a great job on conserving the icehouse, and adds to the ever growing list of things to see at this World Heritage site.