Photo walk


In my last post I mentioned that I bought a second hand camera to take photos of my work. It’s a Panasonic Lumix G1, so a pretty old model, but it’s nice and small and doesn’t have too many confusing features for a beginner like me.

I wanted to get to know the camera a little better so I decided to go on a little photo walk through town, whilst the weather was so great. I’m still learning more, and might even think about going on a photography workshop. But I think walking around and taking shots of the town helped me to try out the various settings and find ones that I liked.


I had some company with me on my walk – anyone who was in town that day might have seen a seemingly abandoned blue buggy in greens, graveyards and squares, only to find me crouching somewhere nearby trying to get a photo of something!





Raring to go

_1130893-380-x-506  _1130953-380-x-507




_1140060-380-x-285  _1140072-380-x-285

_1140116-edit-380-x-507  _1140153-380-x-507

        _1140126 _1140142

_1140146-380-x-285  p1140136-380-x-285

_1140080-380-x-285  _1140167-380-x-285



Tired troopers at the end of a long walk

Autumn leaves

Been trying to branch out (wheeeeey) with the pencil shavings to see if I could use them in an outdoor scene. I did this test run of a beautiful golden tree just outside my window, and I think it works! I’m imagining a whole forest of them now, mmmmm.


Autumn leaves close up

More layered work – Baby B!

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law and his wife welcomed a new baby girl into their family, and to congratulate them on little baby B I decided to try another layered drawing – this time of their three beautiful children. I’m pleased with the outcome of this piece, and am really enjoying working in this layered way!

Baby B present low res

On another note – I’m working to a tight deadline this week (on a slightly novel project!) so I won’t be able to do my weekly update. But next week, I promise!