My week – 18th June

Update #8 of my weekly illustration! I’m away in the sunny south* next week folks, so I won’t be doing a weekly, but you can expect a crammed update the week after. Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful weather right now!



*weather stereotype employed for alliteration purposes only. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually sunny up in these northerly parts. Just a tad windy.

My week – 11th June

Gloria’s week remains steady, meanwhile, Liverpool ceremoniously gathers together to watch another plane fly by.



P.s If you haven’t already. check out this competition I’ve entered on Ohh Deer’s blog. Likes are very much appreciated, and if you have already done so, thanks a million!

My week – 3rd June

This week has been a nice one, even though it hasn’t involved much activity. Whilst I’m settling in to my new job at the cafe, my coffees certainly don’t look anything like the ones I’ve drawn in my post (yet).


My week – 21st May

So this week’s illustration is a bit special as this past weekend I went to Liverpool Light Night, which was a sight to see. There was an amazing vibe…so many people were out and around, with a impressive list of things to see throughout the city. My fave was a performance by the Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band, with their groovy tunes and snazzy outfits! The light display at LIPA (For non-Liverpudlians that’s the Liverpool Institute for Perfoming Arts) was also really cool…I consequently now have this song stuck in my head. It could be worse, as long as you don’t listen to the lyrics too closely.


My week – 13th May

Here’s installment #3 of my weekly illustration, where you can see what I’ve been up to over the last few days. I think the copious wine drinking and brownie eating has moved me to do some exercise, hence this week’s addition of a football (which I kicked), and race paraphernalia (yep, ran in a race too).

Until next week! OH, and look out soon for a post about a commission I’m working on!