Illustration for Creative Safari competition


The brilliant blog, Creative Safari, have got another competition on! Artists and illustrators can submit their work in the hope of having it sold in their online shop Ohh Deer, as well as the possibility of it being stocked in tonnes of high street shops.

Take a look at the piece I’ve just submitted! It’s called ‘Our House’; we’ve recently moved and it’s given me the chance to appreciate the things that we own, now that we can see them in a new light/space. Some are old, some new (I’m particularly loving our new sofa). The whole living room has got a rich and cosy feel now, which is a reflection of my interest in the medieval and renaissance periods…which is in fact the theme of the piece I’m working on right now, to be submitted to the competition tomorrow!

If you like this piece or any of my subsequent ones, please like it here, or share on twitter – just getting a few more people to notice my work helps a milion. So thank you!

Our House 750x529

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