Re-using pencil shavings

Morning people, and hello, I’m still alive! I’ve recently moved house, so things have been a bit hectic to say the least. But I’m happy to report that I have actually managed to find a chair to sit on, and dumped enough boxes from my drawing desk onto the floor in order to put pencil to paper. You can see what I’m up to today when I post about it tomorrow!

SO, I did this piece a while back. I’d been saving all the pencil shavings from my illustrating in a little tub, hoping to use them to create something cool. I thought that it’d be such a waste to throw them away…then after I did this piece I got a little obsessive about what I was throwing way, i.e “Achh…NO dear…no, don’t throw that mouldy food wrapper away, that’s GOLD dust! Wait, what happened that bit of clingfilm the minced meat was wrapped in??!”

ANYWAY, after this little tester I have more ideas. Watch this space!




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