Dusting off the paintbrushes

Last week was my husband’s birthday, so I decided that I would try and do a painting for him, using an old canvas that was lying around. He quite likes the surrealist style, which is something that I’ve never really tried. It was difficult at first, but I learned a lot! We have this Salvador Dali painting in our apartment, which acted as a sort of inspiration for me…I love the layers in Dali’s painting, which is something that I didn’t get into mine, but perhaps on the next one!

The painting is made up of elements from the apartment we live in now. I wanted this to act as a memory for him when we move on to wherever we go next. As well as painting one of our three lovely huge sash windows in the apartment, I’ve tried to incorporate textures throughout the place – kitchen tiles and wicker chairs. I haven’t used oil paints since I did A-level art, and even then I wasn’t very good with them! I could hear my old art teacher’s voice in my head, telling me to squint so I could really see all the hidden colours in each object.


IMG_1604 (1)


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